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Pre-K Word Wall

14 Jan

During one of our most recent staff meetings, we were asked to go around to see a classroom from each grade level.  The purpose was to get ideas for our own classroom.  Another pre-k teacher and I walked around together.  One thing that stood out in most of the rooms were the word walls.  This gave us the idea to try and create a pre-k appropriate word wall.  We both agreed pictures were a must.

At the beginning of the year my pre-k word wall will only have pictures of the students with their names under their corresponding letter.  As the year progresses, we will add more pictures that they come up with.  Today, when I was writing a student’s name on the board, I stopped after the first letter and asked “Who’s name do you think I am writing?”  One of my students said her brother’s name.  They also said the name of the student I was writing.  Yet another student said zebra.  I would like to be able to say something like, “those all start with Z, we should add them to the word wall.”  I want them to come up with the words and have ownership of the wall.  This might be something I use in my classroom this year as authentic literacy, but I know it will be more effective when it is started right at the beginning of the year.