Yard Sale Fun

25 Jan
Now that I have officially decided to stay in Kuwait and I know what grade I will be teaching, I have started to prepare myself.  I started following blogs and twitter accounts for early childhood and accumulating toys and other must haves for my new classroom.  I have been going a little pin crazy.

This morning Lissa, Jeff, our friend Dana, and I went to a yard sale.  A lot of it was presale only so we weren’t really sure what we were going to find.  I of course was looking for toys and things for my classroom next year along with anything for the apartment I will move into in the fall.  I came up short with apartment items, but there were more toys than I could even fit into a classroom.  I ended up buying eleven puzzles, four books, a mini abacus, and a toy stroller.

Some of the puzzles are a little difficult for three year olds so I will be giving them away to some of the older grades.

I also bought myself a couple of things.  As Lissa and I were looking through the Disney movies being sold, we enjoyed reminiscing about the ones we watched as children. There were about 10 movies that we really wanted but knew we shouldn’t spend the money on.  We ended up buying The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fern Gully, and Mary Poppins.  Lissa and Jeff bought a pizza paddle and the grand total for the toys and all was only 6 KWD or about $21.00.  This three day weekend has proven to be a success!


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