Dust Day?

21 Jan
Being from Michigan I am used to all types of weather.  The days when you can’t go to school because the wind chill is too cold or the snow days.  I am also used to rainy days when my students had indoor recess.  Here there are yellow and red days.  They both have to do with dust.On a yellow day any student who has an allergy to dust or has asthma has to stay in for recess.  All of the other students are permitted to go outside.

A red day means you keep all students inside!

Since I have been here we had a day that started yellow and turned into a red day.  The elementary was the only part of the school that had a red day.  The rest of the school was still on yellow.  I was happy my students got 15 minutes of their recess in before they changed it to red.  They were crazy being cooped up all day.


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