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Exploring the Earth

1 Dec

My mentor teacher, Tammy, and I have discovered Google Earth!  We have had a lot of fun with it.  Tammy has a friend, J, who travels for work.  When he is on a trip, the class calls him and says “Hey J, where you at today?”  We then pull up Google Earth to show the students how far away it is and where he has gone.  The first time we called him we didn’t have Google Earth so it was really hard for them to understand how far away he actually was.  Most of my students have never left our home town so it is even more difficult to imagine the distance.

Once we figure out where he is we take a screen shot and open Skitch.  We open that image in Skitch and type on the picture so we can keep track of all the places he has gone and when he went there.
As you can see the students have been just as engrossed as we have been.

The students have also been learning about writing letters.  Our first letter was to ask the principal if we could do a service project.  We also wrote J a letter to ask him if he would send us post cards as he takes his trips.  We have received two so far.

We created a wall to keep track of the people we have been writing to.

The students have been so geared up about letters that we created a classroom post office.

They each have their own mail box.  We use this mostly during Response To Intervention time.  The students have to opportunity to write letters and check their mail boxes.

The students have been able to write to people within the building, locally, and in other states.  They have also been able to Skype with people in another country.  They are learning about so many parts of the world with the help of an iPad and a little snail mail.