Managing Behavior

29 Oct

My mentor teacher, Tammy, and I created a behavior chart.  In the past my mentor teacher used a color chart.  The color chart had a pocket for each student and each pockets contained a green, yellow, cow print, and red card.  Every student started the day on green, however, throughout the day based on their decisions they could get their color changed. It first changed to yellow then cow.  Cow means they have to take some time away form others in this cow print chair in the classroom.

If they got to red they got a phone call home.   Tammy and I found something on Teach-ARoo that we thought might help with positive behavior.  Like the color chart everyone starts on green or ready to learn.  They can move down to yellow or think about it.  Then they move to cow and then red.  We are still using the cow chair but we also gave students the option to go to the cow chair at any time if they just need some time away from everyone.  They can also move up to showing pride, role model, and outstanding.

Students have his or her own clothespin with their name on it.  On the second day they got to color it with crayons to make it their own.  Again each student starts on green and moves their clothespin up based on their decisions.  Most of the students get really upset if they move down even if it is just to think about it.   I think this shows that it is working for some students.

One student went down to think about it within 10 minutes this week.  During read to self he threw a book.  I told him he needed to move his clothespin down to think about it but that I hope he makes better choices so he can move up.  He did not like this much and started to cry.  My mentor teacher even talked to him and reminded him he had the whole day to get back up.  Throughout the day he slowly started to move up.  At around 2:00 p.m. my back was to the chart but I heard my mentor teacher tell this student he could move his color up.  Next thing I know I have this little tap on my shoulder.  I turned and he was standing there and he whispered that he was on outstanding.  He was so proud that he made it all the way back up.   That was probably one of the most rewarding things of this semester.


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