Apps, Apps, Apps

7 Oct

I have now had the iPad for about a week and a half and have downloaded about 100 educational apps all but 2 of which were free.  There were probably a million other things I should have been doing instead of finding all those apps but I justified it by telling myself it was all for my students.  My sister shared Ms. Lirenman’s blog with me which is where I learned about most of the apps that I downloaded.

This week I mostly used the iPad for reading.  During read to self time, I called aside one or two students each day to read a story on the iPad.  They really enjoyed hearing a story especially the ones that were interactive.  One of my students really liked the book app JellyBook.  Another student read an Ice Age storybook and loved it!  We did run into a challenge because the students have to be able to hear the story but it was a little loud for the students trying to read quietly.  I might have to see if we can get some headphones.

We have a couple of students struggling with their alphabet still, so I was able to do some one on one work with those students.  I used an app I had to pay for.  The lite version of it got me hooked and I couldn’t help but buy it.  The app is MyABC.  It was totally worth the $3.99 I paid for it.
It is nice that the students see the iPad as a fun learning tool.  During Fun Friday time, a couple of my students played with Little Speller Sight Words.  They built different words and the iPad said the word. They loved the app and it was exciting that Fun Friday could be educational and fun at the same time.
I am hoping to get a VGA adapter so I can use the projector to teach whole class lessons with the iPad. One app I could use for this is Educreation.  It is an app where you can create your own lesson or search for other published lessons.  It is like a white board but you can record what you are doing and saying.

I am looking forward to another week of exploring new ways to use the iPad.  I have a few math apps so maybe I can double dose some of my students who need that extra help.


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